System AMB2000: Building a Better Underlay

The Problem

Like many innovations, AMB 2000 was developed to answer an unmet need.

In today's hyper-competitive and turbo-charged construction environment, commercial flooring installers are constantly faced with three common problems:

  • Sub-floor moisture: accelerated schedules call for flooring to be installed over slabs that haven't fully cured
  • Acoustic control: new building standards require ever-stricter acoustic control between floors of multi-storey buildings
  • Lack of time: flooring contractors are continually under pressure to work faster

Mike Sahli and Gary Forrest of Evoke's Technical Services team were acutely aware of these problems, having encountered both the causes and the symptoms on innumerable jobsites. What was needed, they felt, was a class of underlay that would mitigate these problems – a one-stop solution for all three issues – that would also be affordable.

And so they searched. They looked at all the available underlays on the market, but could not find a solution that ticked all the boxes. In the end, they approached a leading underlay manufacturer and asked if a custom product could be designed, tailored to their own specifications. Months of testing and product development later, AMB 2000 was born.

The Solution

AMB 2000 was designed to address the three problems head on:

  • It's a moisture barrier: AMB 2000 suppresses moisture migration from subfloor to 100% RH.*
  • It's an acoustic membrane: AMB 2000 boasts ratings of AIIC 60 / Delta 26.**
  • It's a time saver: designed for fast, easy floating installation, AMB 2000's large 6 foot wide format covers a lot of square footage in record time. It's also very economical.

AMB 2000's unique construction features a fiberglass core for stability and an embossed back-layer which keeps it secured to the subfloor, even under most rolling loads. It also provides excellent cushioning, corrects minor subfloor irregularities and has a 'self-healing' indent-resistant surface which is bond-ready for glue down installs, saving time-consuming subfloor prep. The light grey surface is designed to make layouts easier. It even has great 'green' credentials: it's made with PFI materials and is CA 01350 compliant and certified by FloorScore for VOC emissions.

While designed for easy floating installation, AMB 2000 can be used in a variety of install situations:

  • with hardwood, laminate, vinyl, composite core, carpet and tile flooring
  • floating or double stick scenarios
  • with all common types of flooring adhesive

AMB 2000 comes in a 6 foot wide roll for fast coverage and requires minimal surface preparation. In many cases, underlay and flooring installation can be done in the same day – saving valuable time on the site.

Since its introduction AMB 2000 has been used on hundreds of high profile commercial installations. (See Case Studies section for a few notable examples.)

The System

While AMB 2000 works with many types of flooring and install methods, it really shines when paired with Evoke's LV5mm Quick flooring, creating a commercial grade resilient flooring solution that is a hands-down winner, according to Mike Sahli.

"We use AMB as the underlay – no gluing required. Then we install the loose lay Quick product directly onto the AMB. No glue is required but we do use a small amount of our ProSeries 4510 adhesive as insurance. It's a releasable adhesive and does a great job of keeping things in place." While the system is very fast and very clean to install, it's also extremely easy to maintain and repair. "We can replace a damaged plank in about a minute, compared to 10 to 15 minutes for a glued down product."

The speed of install and ease of repair makes the system very attractive for retail and commercial applications, where interruption of business must be kept to a minimum. The system has been successfully used in many different applications including:

  • Schools and libraries where ease of repair was a key concern
  • Hospitals, chosen for ease of repair and soft underfoot feel
  • Military facilities, as a bonding surface to avoid abatement of asbestos in existing flooring
  • Apartment conversions where carpet has been removed and acoustics need improvement
  • Renovations where water-damaged laminate has been removed; the AMB 2000 / LV 5mm fits perfectly under the baseboard, eliminating the need to replace or repair the moldings

For more information on AMB 2000, contact Evoke Contract.

AMB 2000 Product Specifications

SKU# 19662
Fire Test E662 Smoke Generation—Max. Spec. Optical Density of 450 or less
Fire Test E648 Critical Radiant Flux—.045 m2 or greater Class 1
Nominal Thickness .070"
Density 54.93 lb/ft3
Width 6' (1.83M)
Length 65.62' (20M)
Weight 4.16 oz ft2
Quantity/Roll 393.96 ft2



*100% RH
Suppresses moisture migration from the top surface of concrete for internal relative humidity levels to 100%, essentially blocking moisture to the flooring system. Allows you to move forward on your project without delays or added costs due to excessive subfloor moisture issues.

**AIIC 60/ DELTA 26
Results obtained using 8" concrete subfloor with no ceiling & Evoke 5mm Quick luxury vinyl. Results will vary depending upon structure and various floor/ceiling assemblies. Actual on-site measurements will determine final suitability of flooring system for your project.